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by Team LURX and friends
"The Absolute Beast in MW DXing"

JAGUAR is a new generation software for MW DXers. JAGUAR contains several innovative solutions and is also a wrapper for the core parts of some earlier TEAM LURX radio tools (= PLAYLITE, MESTOR and ZETA AM CRUISER). JAGUAR uses Microtelecom Perseus receiver as the hardware platform for spectrum analysis and signal identification. With JAGUAR you can

* Analyze / study / listen / create audio clips from your existing Perseus recording archive

* Control / listen / record / create clips directly from "live" Perseus hardware

* Listen / study / scan your audio clips

* Create unattended recordings using the built-in MESTOR scheduler

JAGUAR offers a true alternative for MW enthusiasts... can control your rig and scroll & study your recordings simply by scrolling ( with arrow keys or mouse wheel).

In addition to standard listening activities, JAGUAR supports several tools & utilities, station guides, maps, spectroscope, eye candy, easy audio clip extraction, etc.

JAGUAR can be used in three different ways: using keyboard shortcut keys (for "power users"), using standard mouse (for average users) or by using "MARC-mode" ("Mouse as a remote controller", for lazy DXers). In MARC-mode there is no need to move mouse cursor from place A to place B all over again when DXing: special 'clickspot' takes care of all the mouse input clicks so you can do (almost) every action with JAGUAR from the sofa keeping mouse in your hand.

Jaguar has a simplistic approach so every "engineering-oriented DXer" can stop reading right here: all the "scientific numbers" have been omitted, there's no S-meter, all the tools for modifying the internal characteristics of the incoming signal have been hidden .... It is hard to believe but actually they are not necessary in hardcore DXing: world's most experienced top-notch DXers have succeeded in digging out hundreds of new weak stations without any extra hassle simply because


(( (( However it is self-evident that no single audio setting can outperform advanced tuning options provided by modern SDR software. Also some users say that Jaguar audio is too sharp and it is difficult to listen to it for hours in a row without getting tired. Indeed, the Jaguar audio can be described as "ultimately hard and sharp", treble has been maximized and human ears normally prefer also some bass elements included. On the other hand, some like this audio quality a lot. Anyway Jaguar also offers alternative "audio pipes" and quick link to Perseus.exe )) .

The JAGUAR goodies include

* One user interface for every type of audio source (Perseus Archive, Perseus Live, Audio Clips)

* Audio clips can be easily (= using one keystroke) extracted any time from any audio source

* Automated scrolling of station lists (including frequency offset lists) and world/continental maps with daylight zones

* Automatic calibration of Live Perseus and older Perseus recordings (no need to ever calibrate the Perseus hardware itself)

* "Spector" - high resolution (error range 0.48Hz) spectroscope for tuned frequency

* "AM RDS" for Perseus: JAGUAR suggests the identification of the detected signal based on the exact carrier offset

* "Tractor" (spectrum plotter/logger): the easiest way to see and access offsets (by clicking it on the spectrum map) - supports not only plotting the currently played spectrum but it can also crawl through the archive files or create log for the "next overnight track"

* "YAS" - Yet Another Spectrum for full MW Control minute by minute, day by day - channels filtered based on your interest.

* Special themes as optional background: Vintage radio, Deep Blue Sea, Coast Guard, Tropicana

* "Semi-live mode": when in Perseus live mode you can also travel in the current RF-space max 8 minutes backwards, wideband recording can be (but does not have to be) running simultaneously => you can scroll in time / frequency, check id's, create clips, etc. all the time while in "live mode", too

* Unlimited number of "memory banks": JAGUAR handles groups of related frequencies as user-defined "DIALS"

* Intelligent "timejump"-keys for Archive: next "top-of-the-hour", next SER/RAI/... break time, "same time next day", etc

* A massive station database (codename "Turtle") with 15.000 stations - with an option to add personalized "QSLed"/"most wanted"-tags that are shown also on the maps

* Automation for OLL-logging, clip creation, reception report creation, etc.

* Windows registry is not used => Jaguar is "fully portable"

* Scheduler for alerts

* "Entry table" for total control of your RF file space

* When a standard WAV-audio clip (created with Jaguar) is played within Jaguar, the user interface is the same and Jaguar can still show the the dayzone position and tx location on the map (if you have used the JAGGER CLIP-tool)

* No need to hassle with com0com, VAC, 3rd party add-ons, etc as when using the standard Perseus environment

* Many additional tricks and functions that you have never been able to imagine to be used in hardcore DXing

JAGUAR uses the Playlite audio engine for Perseus. Playlite has only one fixed audio setting/filter available for Perseus (the only audio option that can be changed is SSB). However, this audio quality has been proved to be excellent (see the testimonials below) and it normally produces crystal clear output even from the weakest MW signals. If not, you have the option to use the bells and whistles of CUSTOR ("Customize your SSB") or your other SDR software

JAGUAR handles full 2MHz bandwidth recordings also on the weakest Atom N270-based netbooks flawlessly --- provided that you have defined "SLOWCPU=Y" in [CUSTOM]-options. In fact, tests have shown that the DXer can use the "whole package" (=listen to old Perseus 2MHz recordings + control/listen/record Perseus hardware directly + make/browse/listen audio clips) simultaneously in the same DX session and quickly switch between them --- using an old tiny netbook. However the FFT based functions (Spector and Tractor) may need more powerful CPU.

(( The fact that Jaguar has its roots on 10" netbooks is also one of its main restrictions here. Desktop users may have 27" displays and many things embedded in Jaguar may not look good on large screens. New development relies less on low-resolution graphics ))

Testimonials (Playlite audio engine):

"We have received several recordings during the past year from areas around yours and your recording is the clearest that I have received." / Darrel Amundson, KATE Albert Lea MN

"The recording was unusually clear, what type of receiver did you use?" / John Buckham, KNBR San Francisco CA

"Mä en ole Perseusta tämän reissun tallenteille käyttänyt ollenkaan … se on aiwan mopo Pleikkariin verrattuna …" / Jarmo Havukunnas, TEAM LURX

"We’ve received similar audio samples from all over the world, including Finland and South Africa. But I must say that this particular transmission is the clearest I’ve ever heard. The stars must have been aligned perfectly for you." / Rick Zamperin, CHML Hamilton ON

"...the recording which you provided of your reception is the most impressive I have heard." / Dave Richards, WOON Woonsocket RI

"2 ekan käyttöminuutin jälkeen rupeaa vaikuttamaan etten palaa enää Perseukseen" / Vesa-Jussi Rinkinen, SDXL

"Your recording is actually much clearer than many that I receive." / Tom McQuire, KJOK Davenport IA

"But I must say that the one you sent is by far the clearest one I've ever received." / John P Cola, KWLM Willmar MN

"Actually the audio you sent was pretty good, Sometimes at night here I can hear the station less prominently!" / Sarah Moore, WNTD Chicago IL

"That may be the clearest signal of WHBL we've had sent back from Europe" / Kevin Zimmerman, WHBL Sheboygan WI

"...the recording is the clearest signal of WITY we have ever received from a listener in Europe" / Bill Collins, WITY Danville IL

Unofficial Testimonials (Jaguar):

"Jaguar rocks better than I do" / Mick Jagger, artist

"Jaguar is faster than I am" / Jaromir Jagr, NHL player

"Jaguar flies higher than I do" / Jacub Janda, ski-jumper

"Spector looks and works great" / Phil Spector, producer

Jaguar Milestones:

2011 AUGUST: First version of JAGUAR.EXE was compiled (based on PLAYLITE framework)

2011 OCTOBER: TAK creates the first version of TURTLE station database, tnx TAK

2011 NOVEMBER: First pilot flight on a hardcore DXpedition (LEM310), tnx VJR & JP

2012 JANUARY: Poor cx but good results on LEM315: Arizona-party (JHU,RS,IPA)

2012 MARCH: A remarkable month for "Jaguar-QSL's":

*** OJS received NA-QSL #1500: KZSF San Jose CA 1370
*** JHU scored #200 from Iberia: RNE-5 Castilla La Mancha, Albacete 1152
*** IPA received "Horn of Africa" MW-QSL #12: R Ethiopia, Metu 684

2012 MAY: The cat has crept in to USA: couldn't resist TP seafood offered in Grayland WA, tnx GA
2012 MAY: First "production hit" assisted by the new Tractor scanner: WXFN Muncie IN 1340, tnx OJS

2012 JUL: Another impressive Jag-QSL: RS scored his Arizona-QSL #20: KNUV Tolleson AZ 1190
2012 JUL: Going hardcore with the first full MW-dial overnight spectrum summary ever, tnx OJS

2012 NOV: Total control of DXpedition files achieved with the new "YASSER" concept.   



JAGUAR - "Engineered to Amaze You" - THE FUTURE of DXing is HERE


PS. Jaguar... in the year 2012 a dramatic and electrifying change started to overtake radio hobbyists starting from the Northern parts of the globe... all the functions and qualities that we value most highly in this hobby appeared suddenly, already fully formed, as though bestowed on us by hidden powers. Researchers describe this change as the biggest riddle in the history of DXing.

PS. 2013... "The Year of The Cat"

Jaguar is not yet mature
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no comprehensive User 
Guide available.

In the future JAGUAR may 
become freeware. If you 
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